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Steven (Buddy) Finch

150 Louise Terr, Glen Burnie MD 21060

Hours of Operation





How can i join/participate ?

Connect with us on FB; BKind, show up on any Saturday

By 11:30am in the parking lot by Oakwood road & Aquahart road.


How can i donate?

donation links on our website, coordinate food, goods and volunteer groups to            



Where to donate?

At our outreach on Saturdays; coordinate drop offs or pick ups with Buddy.



What kind of goods can we donate?

Food, clothing and hygiene products

Can i bring some food?

Yes, all food is organized by our Director of Volunteers Services at:

How Can i Help?

Volunteers: Community service hours for the young children. Volunteer, church, and small groups can join. Individuals are welcome as well.

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